From a Terminal Cancer Patient to an Ironman World Championships Triathlon Competitor in less than 10 Months:

Having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and while enduring a double bone marrow transplant, Clay learned the disciplines of triathlon from his hospital room, and rehabilitated himself while resident, to go onto completing the world's hardest endurance race, the Ironman World Championships Triathlon in Kona Hawaii, 8-weeks after being discharged from the navy hospital.

Upon his success, Clay's doctors said that what he accomplished was "impossible" and "will never be done again".  Now as a Healthcare Executive, with a clinical emphasis in oncology, Clay's sole purpose in life is to prove the naysayers wrong by addressing and improving upon the systemic processes that govern cancer care and make the necessary changes to increase all cancer patients’ probability of beating their diseases. 



We have achieved all that we have due to the unwavering support of many unsung heroes. We owe it to them to pay their generosity forward.  If you are interested in joining out integrative support network please contact us.



Team Treska is a collection of personal friends and community caregivers who have come together to provide cancer patients and their families with the resources necessary to effectively manage their fight against cancer.

  • Healthcare Executive
  • Former United States Marine​
  • Ironman World Championships Triathlon Competitor
  • Terminal Cancer Survivor
  • Cancer Patient Advocate
  • Public Speaker
  • Published Writer 


The Short of it

We have brought clinical, administrative, financial, and logistic support for numerous cancer patients and their families.  Reach out to us to learn more about our work to help those in need.


We have shared our message of hope through national and international media outlets. Here is a review of some of our messages.